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We are elevating the tattoo shop standard, creating an atelier, offering an exclusive personalised tattoo experience. A space where customers can feel safe and relaxed, rest assured that they are in expert hands. 

Situated on the famous Denmark Street, renowned for its deep rooted history and famed contributions to the music industry. Our shop unifies the worlds of music and art to create a tattoo experience like no other. 

Hosting some of the most talented tattooists in the world offering an array of styles, customers will leave feeling spoiled and rewarded for the trust they have given us. 

Ensuring you a luxury experience from the beginning of your appointment to aftercare. A selection of drinks and food are offered as you lounge in the waiting area. Browse from a selection of hand crafted handbags and purses sourced from Florence, Italy.

Spoiled with the visual wonderment of our main floor; ceilings adorned with a fresco hand painted angels and chandeliers, Venetian plastered walls, copper resin floors and a 16th century gothic inspired facade.  We want our customers to leave refreshed and relaxed having experienced the refined beauty of our establishment

We aim to use the newest technologies available on the market, handled by our expert team, in order to make you feel comfortable, having the least painful experience possible during your appointment. 

We are completely committed to our mission to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Trusting that all our suppliers specialise in using recycling material, cruelty free and vegan products. From the inks we use to the toiletries and cleaning products, we aim to be completely green and cruelty free. 

We strongly believe the true success of any establishment is the team. We have hand picked the most skilled artists, famed for their distinct styles and undeniable talent. Aside from their artist talents, the welcoming, generous nature of our team is something we are extremely proud of.

In the same way we believe in building a strong team, we believe in community. Our shop will be a social club, a place you are welcome to hang out and play our selection of arcade games or listen to music (both live and recorded). 

At the end of your experience every customer will leave the shop knowing they’ve been part of something greater, boasting not only one of the best fine art pieces on their body and ultimate aftercare, but also a gift bag containing a selection of goodies and our personal gratitude for choosing Sixty Ink.

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