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At Sixty Ink, we are redefining the tattoo shop experience by offering a luxurious and personalized experience like no other. The room will be something so unique, we call “Black Mirror”, 

our shop features an iridescent black resin floor,

Venetian plaster walls, and a stunning LED ceiling with Dolby Atmos/Light speakers, handcrafted just for our shop.

We take great pride in providing a safe and welcoming environment for our clients, where they can relax and feel at ease knowing they are in the hands of experts. From the moment our clients enter our shop, they will be treated to a premium experience, complete with a selection of drinks and snacks and a warm and friendly atmosphere.


We are committed to using the latest technology to ensure our clients have the most comfortable and pain-free tattooing experience possible. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality service, from the initial consultation to aftercare, ensuring that our clients leave our shop feeling satisfied and excited about their new tattoo.


At Sixty Ink, we are also committed to being environmentally friendly and ethical in all our practices. We use only cruelty-free and vegan products, and we work with suppliers who specialize in using recycled materials. Our goal is to reduce our environmental impact while providing our clients with the best possible service.


We believe that the true success of any establishment is its team, and we are proud to have assembled a team of the most talented and skilled tattoo artists in the industry. Our team is not only renowned for their artistic talents but also their welcoming and generous nature.


At Sixty Ink, we are more than just a tattoo shop; we are a community. We invite our clients to come and hang out in our social club, listen to music, and be a part of our creative and vibrant community. We are committed to providing our clients with a truly unique and unforgettable experience, complete with a gift bag containing a selection of goodies and our personal gratitude for choosing Sixty Ink.

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